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Online lessons-1to1– 100 % of my attention is just for you! I adjust the plan of learning and methods of teaching to your personal interests, goals and needs. Online lessons- no need to waste time driving or staying in a traffic. My lessons are very effective. As a language trainer most of the time of our lessons I use the target language. You’ll get rid of your language barriers and  become fluent with me in no time. After each of our lessons you’ll know what to work and focus on and what to study and prepare for our next lesson.

We will work on all the linguistic competences: speaking, listening, writing and pronunciation. I always give my students constructive feedback. I will help you master your grammar and pronunciation. I know a few foreign languages proficiently and I’m happy to share my knowledge and tips with others. I don’t only teach but also motivate people.  My lessons are conducted in a very relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. I also have years of experience in working with children. I help them get interested and become passionate about the foreign languages. 



Lessons in very small (a few people) groups. I make a very personalized plan of learning for the specific group of students. I adjust the methods and materials to my students’ needs and language goals. We work on all linguistic competences:  speaking, listening, writing and pronunciation. I always put emphasis on practical use of language and make my students speak the language for the most parts of our classes.

* I offer some discounts with the purchase of a package of lessons. In order to learn more about my prices please contact me via e-mail or phone.


Online lessons:

– Individual 1to1 lessons

–  Small group lessons


Online lessons:

-Individual 1to1 lessons
-Small group lessons


Online lessons:

-Individual 1to1 lessons
-Small group lessons


One of the most interesting oral translations I have done so far was working as an interpreter for an immigration interview in the USA.

* The estimate price will be available upon e-mail request or over the phone