About me

Teaching foreign languages to others is my passion and mission. I’ve been fascinated with foreign languages and traveling since I was a little child. I’ve been discovering the nuances of the languages all my life. I speak three languages proficiently: English, French and Polish. I love sharing my passion with others!
During my stay in France and USA for a few years I learnt to speak the authentic language. I also studied Applied Linguistics : French & English and thanks to that I gained linguistic knowledge and qualifications to translate between three languages: English-French- Polish. I also completed a Business & Marketing course at the Long Island University in New York.
I specialise mainly in English conversation classes. I also teach French and Polish as a second language. Additionally, I work as a freelance translator and interpreter. I do written and oral translations.

Language lessons with me will guarantee you the quick results and progress in acquiring and mastering the foreign language. I know that speaking the language is tremendously important, so I always make sure that my students learn how to speak and understand the spoken language.
You will get rid of your language barriers and become fluent in no time with me!

One of my biggest hobbies is traveling. I adore discovering new places and meeting amazing people. Thanks to my fluency in 3 languages I tend to travel stress-free and without the fear of not being able to communicate with foreigners. This is a great mental comfort while traveling, so I’ll be more than happy to help you become fluent in a foreign language. Besides that, my another biggest passion is singing. In my free time I try to write songs and make my own music. I also regularly practise Pilates, ride a bike and swim. I’m also an animal lover and an animal advocate.


Paulina Kasza