Some expressions typically common for French spoken in France and Paris

After completing my linguistic studies I moved to Paris for a year. I had a wonderful and very fruitful time there. I did a lot of sightseeing and fell in love with this historic city. One thing is sure about Paris- one can’t be bored there! There are plenty of attractions and everyone can find something interesting to do there. Beautiful gardens and parks, interesting museums, wonderful historic architecture, shopping malls and amazing people from all over the world.  Contact with the real, authentic language right from Parisian streets was very interesting for me. Spoken  French, especially the one  from Paris tend to be slightly different from the French taught at schools. It’s good to learn both forms, the standard, grammatically correct one and the  less formal one in order to understand native speakers of French, as well as the music and songs in this language. I’m going to show you some of the more interesting expressions used in Paris.                                                                                              

Je suis crevé(e)

- similar to Je suis fatigué(e)
I’m tired/ exhausted

e.g. J’ai travaillé toute la journée, je suis crevé.

J’ai la flemme

- I don’t feel like doing anything

e.g. J’ai eu une journée horrible, j’ai la flemme de sortir.

La bouffe

- from the verb- bouffer to eat a lot

e.g. Les enfants ont bouffé dix biscuits!


- to adore



e.g. Ses films sont relous.

Un casse-pied

- somebody who annoys us a lot

Un mec / une meuf

- informal expression for a boy/girl

e.g. Elle est belle cette meuf. / Tu vois pas ce mec?

(C’est) n’importe quoi

- what nonsense, stupidity

e.g. Pourquoi les gens intelligents croient parfois n'importe quoi.

Un bobo

= a small wound, this expression is particularly used while talking to children

e.g. Il a bobo au doigt

Mauvais quart d’heure

- unpleasant experience

e.g. Mais il ne s'agira que d'un mauvais quart d’heure.


- very popular, informal word meaning the same what ‘oui’ - so yes!Typically Parisian.

e.g. T'es prêt ? - Ouais.

Être sur son 31
Se mettre sur son 31

- to look elegant
-to dress up in fancy clothes

e.g. Tu t'es mis sur ton 31. On se met sur son trente et un.

T’es large

- you still have a lot of time to do something.

e.g. Deux heures ? T’es large…

Manger comme un cochon / porc

- to eat a lot, to pig out

e.g. J’ai mangé comme un cochon.

Un temps de chien

-unpleasant weather,

e.g. Quel temps de chien!

Tu t’en sors?

- to get on

e.g. Salut, tu t’en sors avec le français?

C’est naze / c’est nul

-it sucks

e.g. Ah bon? C’est naze.

I hope that you find these expressions interesting as well!